Your Delicious Life could look like this, or in a way that is designed just for you.

Morning Sensual Delight

If sleeping with a partner, begin with a warm hug and long sensual kisses.

That may lead naturally to sensual explorations. You could pull a card from a sensual play card deck and try the position or practice that is on the card.

Improvise and try variations as you have time.  Communicate and laugh a lot!

If you are not with a partner, you can use your imagination and practice without the ball, as basketball coaches sometimes say.

Breakfast and Other Meals

Have something light and nutritious.  Be sure to include plenty of fluids as you will need lots throughout the day.


Spend 15 minutes on a meditation of your choice.  We often use the Marie Forleo meditation.  There are many available or you can make up your own. Whatever works best for you.


Yoga can save the world.  Even a short 15 minute daily yoga routine will improve your flexibility, body tone, and your emotional and spiritual well being. A class is even better.

Walking In Nature

Walking in nature or even just in your neighbourhood.  If your time is limited today, you can do this instead of the yoga and meditate while you walk.  Simply being present and observing while you walk is a kind of meditation.

Regular Activities

Here you do what you normally do today.  That could be going to a job you love, creating things, working on a business, travelling, or anything else that you do.


Go out dancing, take a lesson, practice your steps, or simply work on a few moves on the kitchen floor.  A dance can be three minutes of safe sex, as Bonnie likes to say.

Relationship Checkin

If you have a partner, schedule some time to review your day together and connect. Working through a book like “If the Buddha dated” by Charlotte Kasl can help. The purpose is to keep the communication and relationship in the present and treat each day and each other as a gift.

If you are on your own, you can take the time to connect to your true self and think about ways to align your life with your best self to create a life you love.

You could also write in a journal at this time.  Look for things to be grateful for and write down anything that may appear miraculous or magical.  The more you notice the more you will experience.

Evening Sensual Delight

Begin with a long warm hug, followed slow, sensual kisses.

You could turn over your 365 Sensual Delight card for ideas or simply do what seems worth exploring to you.

Have Fun Fun Fun!

Sweet Dreams …