Opportunity to design our lives.

Often during my life I took what opportunity was in front of me. Most of the time it worked just fine. Growing older does have its perspective and now I want to make the very best of what time I am here on this amazing place we call earth.

So rather than hope things will work I asked Greg if we could communicate our wants and needs in our relationship and not assume that we know what the other is thinking or wanting. This could be a small or big request. 

As we were traveling from Montreal to Ottawa I asked Greg to please stop at the next available fast food or gas station. as my hands were sticky ( not sure where or what I touched but yuk they were sticky) so I could wash them. 

He kindly stopped the car without a fuss and came in and we both ended up getting a cool drink for our ride back to Ottawa. My former partner would have argued that I could wait. This does not seem like a big deal but for me it was confirmation that my needs were being met in a kind way. 

If however Greg would have argued to push on driving,  I would have asked again and shared how important it was for me to wash my hands. I am not hoping for a good relationship I will be communicating  openly and with love so to enjoy my life and partner with all my heart. 

People asking for advice.

As friends and acquaintances see me and comment how happy I seem,they ask how did you meet Greg . What were you been doing to find a partner. Could we talk. Greg had the same experience so we decided to share on our website what we learned and to create a place to find how we and others are designing delicious lives. 

Help people have a delicious life and make money.

So nothing makes Greg and I more happy that to be with other healthy happy like minded people living delicious lives. We are on the prowl for you to learn how to have  better relationships, earn money doing what you love, eating healthy, exercising responsibly,  and enjoying a fantastic sex life if that is what you want. 

We aspire these things for ourselves. So this is really a fun project. We value your experience and want to stay in communication with you so make sure to sign up for our blog. 

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