From Bonnie

I had been open to dating online for awhile. Several decent dates gave me the courage to continue. I liked Greg’s profile and picture.I reached out to Greg asking for a coffee/ walk date. He responded and we set our date for a Saturday morning.

False Creek

We met near my apartment and began to walk. I was very sick with a cold and cough but didn’t think it was a problem as we were outside and I thought just for a short walk. As we walked and talked we got further and further away from my apartment. The time just flew buy as we discussed everything under the sun and moon. No topic was left un-turned. Ex’s , jobs, sex. the future, what would we like our lives to look like.

Lonsdale Quay

We stopped for a coffee and then turned back and walked another 2 hours. As we drew near my apartment Greg asked if I would accompany him to his photo shoot in North Vancouver. I thought why not. By then it was dinner time and we had a bite to eat at Antoli’s a Greek restaurant at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.

I was just about toast by then. Although I was tired I was happy to  have met a like mind. He was gentle and had such a great smile. The ease of our conversation was so pleasant.

Then Greg asked me to go to a party and I had to say no, and that I needed to go home and rest. He walked me to the Yacht ( Sea Bus) taking me back to Vancouver.

I mentioned that we were having a Coffee House at my work Unity Spiritual Centre the following Tuesday night. Greg said he had another event so wasnt sure he could go but would let me know.

I smiled all the way home  thinking wow that was a cool date.

Unity Coffee House

I mentioned that we were having a Coffee House at my work Unity Spiritual Centre the following Tuesday night. Greg said he had another event so wasn’t sure he could go but would let me know.

The following Tuesday Greg was able to come to the Coffee House. What was a wonderful surprise is that he knew 4 of the musicians that performed weekly at our center. I was so busted as people noticed that I had a date sitting with me. I was still coughing like crazy and at one point Greg placed his hand on my back to steady me during a coughing fit.

Two of my girlfriends watched him do that. I felt so very cared for . Just a gentle touch but it was so very loving.

They looked at each other with knowing winks.

We said our goodbyes at the end of the night but avoided kissing due to my cold.

We made plans to take a walk at Lynn Canyon the next Saturday. I was still sick ( I hadn’t been that sick with a cough since High School finals, so a very long time ago).

We started our walk up to Lynn Canyon. I was dressed in layers with a rain jacket and rain hat. We walked along a lovely trail and stream. Wow again we talked and talked. Some very deep sharing. Meanwhile the rain was coming down heavy, no really in buckets. I was totally drenched.

At one point we stopped in the trail and just looked in each others eyes and nothing needed to be said….
I was thinking that it was so very amazing to have met this incredible man.

After the walk we went to a friends house and I asked if I could borrow the dryer and a dry shirt. I threw my clothes into the dryer. Sat on the couch and rested. I felt at ease and comfortable. No worries. At peace.

That was my first week knowing Greg!

From Greg

I had been on 2.5 casual dates, including coffee and seeing Star Wars in Nanaimo, lunch and a photography adventure in the Fraser Valley, and a very short coffee meeting (the .5). All nice enough people.

One young woman who seemed to be a yoga master in her profile reached out, and I had to confess that the yoga mentioned on my profile was more of an intention than a practice.

I complimented and encouraged a few women on their profiles, even if I did not think a date would be worthwhile for either person.  I laughed a lot at a profile for yournextex, which I suspect was written under the influence. I sent her a note saying that I enjoyed her profile, though I was a few decades out of her age range.

I had revised my profile with the intention of screening out a few people as I wondered if I was ready to date.

Greg’s Profile

I am excited and ready to create a life I love, with financial, spiritual, and love abundance, travel adventures, and opportunities to meet new people and enrich the lives on my path.

Am I looking for The One now? Am I ready to be someone’s The One now? I am not ruling it out, though I am looking mostly to get to know new people, trade notes, meet for coffee, share some experiences, and have some fun with kindness and respect as guiding principles. Perhaps some dancing too! If something deeper happens, we will know.

My business mix includes travel photography, video, and writing and sometimes home is simply where I am. For some, that will be enough to hit the Next button. Others might see it as fun 🙂 

Well, something in that resonated with Bonnie and she sent me a note asking to meet for coffee and a walk.

Bonnie’s Profile

Her profile was quite short with a few photos.  The items I remember are:

Dancing is my passion.

If you love your work, great, if work is your lover, press the Next button.

I like to be touched.

Seemed worth a coffee and walk.

I was not feeling great either and almost cancelled.  I am glad I didn’t.

As Bonnie described, we walked and talked for many hours and covered about ten thousand miles in our conversation. We laughed and laughed and it seemed no topic was censored.

One of the things we talked about was online dating profiles. The trend I noticed reading between the lines of many younger women was that they were looking for someone to look after them. And older women were looking to not look after anyone.

I joked that my profile sentence about travel suggested ‘probably does not have much money, possibly homeless’.

Bonnie laughed and said was part of the appeal. She had fond memories of travelling with her mother and siblings in a camper and had owned a motorhome with her first husband. She was thinking of getting an RV trailer to live in the Seattle area.


Bonnie would have liked the party after our walk as I ended up with women from Chile and Columbia teaching me how to Salsa Dance.  I like to dance, just was not very good at it.  Bonnie and I are now taking West Coast Swing lessons together and practicing. I have some dance potential 🙂

Bonnie’s pitch for learning how to dance was that I would never have trouble meeting women if I could dance well, it was a kind of ‘floorplay’, and like three minutes of safe sex, over and over again. I’m in!

The Unity Coffee House was the first hint that our lives had been interwoven for a long time.  I knew four of the musicians and have since run into another four or so people I knew at Unity. We have a mutual friend in Mexico.

Other connections include her and Laurence once staying in the very same apartment provided for G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre outpatients that my niece stayed in, and we bumped into someone from G.F. Strong at a theatre on Burrard who was with a women I met at the American Writers and Artists Inc. Copywriting Bootcamp and Job Fair in Delray Beach, Florida.

It is a small world, especially since Bonnie spent most of her life in California.  Bonnie and I both feel that there is some sort of fate that has been linking us together for some time.

We also realized that we had an opportunity to design our relationship rather than just falling into it. Our shared values include a lot of communication, honesty, fun adventure, and a lot of touch.

So far so good 🙂

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