CThis is the first of seven steps to creating a delicious life for yourself that you will love.

Delicious for you could mean fun, sexy, adventurous, prosperous, satisfying, full of family, or anything else the resonates for you.

The exercises in this series could be used to find a career for yourself, create better relationships, or simply enrich your life.

Step 1: What Do You Love?

List seven things that you love .  These could be activities like:

  • Making music
  • Making art
  • Making love
  • Traveling
  • Learning new things
  • Designing things
  • Curing diseases
  • Building things
  • Helping people
  • Doing nothing perfectly
  • Gardening
  • Research
  • Exploring ideas
  • Learning history
  • Making hisory
  • Tracing family history

Whatever floats your boat.

You can list the seven things you love on paper, in an email to yourself, or in a comment below.

What seven things do you love?

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