Meditation can help connect you with your higher self, with spirit, or however you like to think about it.

Or, or as The Eagles advised, “don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.”

If nothing else, meditation can slow down the chatter in our brains and allow deeper insights to come through.

After some contemplation, it came to me that a meditation practice is key to designing a delicious life.  Perhaps it could have been step one.

Some Simple Meditation Practices

You could spend a lifetime searching YouTube for meditation samples and practices. Or meditation can be very simple.  Here are some suggestions.

Simply focus your attention as your breath goes in, then goes out.

Think a word such as “present” as you breath in, and “now” as you breath out.

This can be done anywhere at any time.  When walking. When waiting somewhere. When sitting in a park. Anywhere.

The goal of almost all meditation practices is to get you out of your head and to be present in your body.

Marie Forleo has provided an excellent description of the benefits of meditation.

Please see

She also provides a free ten minute meditation that uses the mantra, “so hum namah”, which loosely means ‘turning back to my true self’.

Here is Marie Forleo’s 10 Minute Meditation

Marie Forleo's 10 minute meditation.

The power of this meditation is that it is simple and the mantra is in ancient sanskrit that could be perceived at a less cerebral level than a mantra in your language.

You may also want to search YouTube for “ho’oponopono meditation”.

Bonnie likes the Thích Nhất Hạnh Buddhist mindfulness meditations. Here is a sample on YouTube.

It think the important thing is to have a regular meditation practice that works for you.

As I mentioned, meditation could be Step One in Designing Your Delicious Life.

So here is a suggestion.

Do the Marie Forleo Meditation, then go back and do the exercise in Step 1 again.

See Seven Steps To A Delicious Life: 1 What Do You Love?

Is your list of seven items different? Please share in the comments below your experience of doing the exercise after meditating.

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