The video below is of Jackson Falls on the Natchez Trace Parkway at mile 404.7.

The Natchez Trace is a 444 mile parkway that runs from Natchez, Mississippi, through a corner of Alabama,  to Nashville, Tennessee.

The trail was first created by buffalo and other animals looking for saltlicks in Tennessee.

Early peoples up to 5,000 years ago used to to travel and trade. Europeans used it to travel from Mississippi to Tennessee, especially farmers from Kentucky (nicknamed Kaintucks) and region returning after rafting their farm goods down the Mississippi River for sale.

The Nachez Trace also facilitated the movement of troops during various wars.

It is now a splendid national park with many quiet places for hiking and exploring. The road itself is free of signs and distraction with a comfortable 50 mph speed limit.  There are many areas to pull of the road and many campgrounds and RV parks.  Perfect for cruising by car, RV, motorcyle, or bicycle.

There are a few campgrounds dedicated to cyclists.

Jackson Falls was named after Andrew Jackson.

See more at including a fabulous video created by the National Park Service.

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