Bonnie at Lonsdale Quay, in front of the In The Mood Love ShopToday is the one year anniversary of meeting Bonnie in person. We had connected through and agreed to meet in False Creek for a walk and coffee.

Although we both had colds, we immediately had a fun rapport and walked and talked for more than fours hours. We travelled about 10,000 miles in our conversation and quite a distance along the sea and across to North Vancouver on the SeaBus.

Since then we have travelled to Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Washington, Oregon, and California together.  We were due to arrive in Charleston, South Carolina about the same time as Hurricane Matthew, so we went to California instead.

We are booked to try Charleston again in March.  We would like to visit my son Kael, Andrea, and baby James in Brussels this summer.  And the trip down the Mississippi in the motorhome will happen sometime.

She has met all of my immediate family and friends, including my first wife Maureen, and my partner of thirty years Ann.  We are both on our “third-time lucky” partners.  I certainly feel lucky to have known the first two women and am blessed to have them still in my life. Both have met Bonnie and seem to like her and be happy for us.  What more can you ask for?

Bonnie with her million-dollar view!

For someone who grew up in California, Bonnie and I have a surprising number of shared connections and experiences.  When I went to the first event at the Unity Spiritual Centre for a musical Coffee House, I knew six of the musicians and later met many other contacts who go there from time to time.  We even have a shared friend now living in Mexico!

We share a love of travel, food, family, and friends.  Bonnie sold me on dancing West Coast Swing (“floorplay” or “three-minutes of safe sex, over and over again”). 

Many of our personal quirks that annoyed others seem to be charming to us.  I always tried to suggest that my snoring was comforting like the purring of a cat. Bonnie actually thinks that! And we snore in one and one half part harmony.

Both of us are writers, Bonnie wrote a book called How to Get the Job You Love.  We will relaunch it this year.

Both are interested in trading and are well set up to do some serious day trading.  The dream is to generate a decent income trading an hour or so in the morning, freeing us to travel, write, support projects, and help people have a Delicious Life

We are good cheerleaders and supporters for each other.  Looking forward to a Delicious future together and many more anniversaries.

Thanks My Buddha Beloved Bonnie 🙂

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