Life coach Jamey McDonald talked to us about how Delicious changes according to what phase of life journey we are in.

Jamey McDonald of Better Lives is a professional life coach and licenced counsellor. He brings over 30 years of people experience to the table. His specialty is in working with people in the midst of changes and transitions. Whether that change is brought on by positive events like graduation or promotions or retirement, or whether it is brought on by more painful experiences in the midst of life’s relationships, Jamey brings wisdom and solutions to the situation.

What Is Delicious For Your Life Journey?

This changes as we grow older.  The focus and priorities are different at 30 than at 20.

Each Phase Has Its Own Delicious Element

Jamey talks about different phases as we move from our 20s, through the 30s, into our 40s, 50s, 60s, and older.

Personal Coaching Sessions

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