Fun Interview with Hila Russ about HeArt Journey Workshops

Bonnie McDonald and I interviewed Hila Russ about her HeArt Journey Workshops.

HeArt Journey Workshop Experience

Workshop participants connect with their creativity and the group in a series of exercises and artistic explorations that are Fun and empowering.

Interpersonal Connections

Some of the benefits include exploring new ways of communicating and sharing with others. This can carry through beyond the workshop to help improve teamwork in corporate and other environments.

Custom Workshops for Organizations

Hila will meet with you for a free consultation to discuss how a customized HeArt Journey Workshop can help your organization.

Please see for more information and contact information.

Scheduled Workshops

Hila has workshops scheduled in Vancouver.  Come and have some Creative Fun!

Please see for more information and contact information.

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— By Greg Dixon

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