Bonnie McDonald talks with Dawna McLennan (HarpPixie) about overcoming shyness and finding her voice for singing and life.

Dawna played her harp and sang at a concert at the Unity Spiritual Centre. Although Bonnie did not see herself as a singer, she was so inspired by the HarpPixie concert that she signed up for Dawna’s Muse’s Voice workshop the next day.

The Muse’s Voice: Sing From The Inside Out

It is a workshop about finding the space inside you where your sing with ‘yes’ and closing the gap between singing with yes and singing with ‘no’. 

I believe that we have everything within us to sing with our full, powerful voice.

It is always a journey to sing with more and more freedom. To live with more and more freedom.

The voice is an intimate instrument. It is a mirror for our degree of self acceptance. The more we can say yes to the voice we have, we all have a beautiful unique voice.

The only person who can sing with your voice is you.

— Dawna McLellan

 Bonnie’s Transformation

Dawna provide a safe and encouraging environment for people to explore their voices, often by walking through the sanctuary singing short phrases, or improvising in a circle.

What I learned from your workshop was that we were doing exercises slow and simple to bring us out of our shells.  And we had a safe place, and a joyful place to come from.  And the more we were singing, the more open we all became, the more we are letting our voices shine.

— Bonnie McDonald

Bonnie left the workshop singing with confidence. Perhaps her days of mouthing the words during service are over.

Dawna’s Transformation

I used to sing only in private, in my car especially. And I would crave to share, I had so much joy run through me when I sang, but when I would go to sing in front of other people I would lock up. I would sweat, my heart pounding, have butterflies, and I could not breathe. I would forget the words.

I was frustrated that I kept having that experience but had this craving to be free, this craving to share this inner voice. To respect it. To love it. And the hypercritical inner voice would just pound on me.

I made a decision one day that I needed to follow the calling that I had to share my voice because when I did step out and share my voice I had some really powerful experiences. 

I made a decision that when I was in a social environment, or in a sacred environment, and I felt a call to sing a song, which would happen, and I would feel rushes of adrenalin when I would feel that call, I would say to myself, ‘well, I don’t think I will sing that song now,’  and then I made the decision ‘okay, Dawna, you are going to sing regardless of whatever sensations you are feeling in your body.

So I would bring my voice out and sing just a tiny little song, a very simple chant like song, and sing it into that space, and people’s jaws would drop and some would be in tears.

I felt the fear and did it anyway and got such feedback from people who were, well ‘wow!, that gave us something.’

That helped me step out of myself when it was not about me. It is not about me having an experience. It is about me giving something. 

Hearing that people got something when I shared enabled me to keep giving myself permission to share

Workshops Highly Recommended

This workshop provided one of the most effective vocal transformations I have seen compared many other vocal workshops.

Check out for information about workshops and performances.

Personal Coaching

In addition to The Muse’s Voice workshops, Dawna also provides on one on one Transformational Creativity coaching sessions.

Any time we are interfacing with the muse, what I call that primal, unfiltered creative response, when we living from the place of giving that muse space, we get to see a mirror of our personal growth, of our transformation. It is like a metaphorical interaction with our souls.

It is like having a witness. In a way having a coach is like having a witness to the process. And there is so much power in the act of being a witness. 

Check out for information.

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