Bonnie and Greg Dancing on MotorhomeLooking to Design more Joy, Love, Health, Abundance, and Delicious into your life?

Do you have parts of your life that are unsatisfying?

Would you like to enjoy better health?

Is there sensuality missing in your life?

Would you like deeper, richer relationships?

Would like a toned, healthy body?

Do you want total physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness?

Do you simply want more Delicious in your life?

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bonnie_greg_at_wedding_2016_400Bonnie and Greg will share insights, adventures, and advice to help you create a Delicious Life.  Here are some of the areas we will explore in the newsletter and blog posts.

Exploration of Values

What is important to you? Do you value honesty, adventure, financial security, intimacy, freedom, open communication, … ? When you are clear about what is important to you, decisions about career, life choices, and relationships become clearer. Your partner does not have to have exactly your values to complement your life, though a clash of values will eventually lead to trouble if not addressed.

Delicious Dating

After long term relationships, Bonnie and Greg found themselves single again. Also many people in our age range seem to also find themselves single. We each joined to discovered that many people were either on dating sites or thinking about dating sites, providing a great subject of conversation over coffee and at social gatherings. Bonnie and Greg share their story and some of the stories shared with them. They also share what seemed to work for them and why as well as pass on advice from others to help you have a good experience with online dating.

The Importance of Communication

Both Bonnie and Greg experienced relationship issues that could have been avoided by better communication and work at keeping communication open at all times. We talk about nearly everything as we go through the day and will share why this is important and offer suggestions about how.

Delicious Intimacy

Through accidents, illness, and age, sometimes people are missing parts or have parts that do not work as they used to. For many reasons, physical intimacy can become an minor or non-existent part of our lives. We think intimacy is available for everyone that wants it. The human body is capable of giving and receiving pleasure in many ways that can be explored to rekindle love in current relationships or in growing new relationships. Love can be delicious indeed!

Students of Love

Separately and in their own ways, both Greg and Bonnie went back to school to become better partners. Greg decided it would be good to learn more about female sexuality and subscribed to courses provided by women on how to be a better partner to a woman. Best investment he ever made!  Bonnie too worked on herself and together began working on relationship exercises early in their dating. They will never be bored! You need not ever be bored either!

Tasting the Delicious World

Scrumptious chocolate, beautiful places, music, art, poetry, friends, family, new people, and so much more.  The world we live in is a miracle and a gift. We encourage you to make the most of everyday and will share some of our favourite things.  There may even be chocolate factory tours!

Designing a Delicious Business or Career

Bonnie wrote a book called How to Get the JOB You LOVE. Greg loves the Marie Forleo approach of building a business and life you love. She also ends every episode of Marie TV with the encouragement to keeps chasing your dreams, because the world need the special gifts that only you have. Bonnie and I can help you discover and develop what is delicious for you.

Dance With Me

Bonnie’s handle was dancewithme, and dance is a huge part of her life, especially West Coast Swing. She told Greg that if learned to dance, he would never have trouble meeting women. She describes it as floorplay or three minutes of safe sex, over and over again. Greg was willing to learn!

Yoga Will Save Your Life

Greg’s profile described yoga as one of his fitness activities, though at the time it was more of an intention than a practice. It has since become a practice that Bonnie and Greg share, with benefits that go far beyond the yoga studio.

What Is Delicious For You?

We would like to know what is Delicious for you? We will soon have a survey here where you can let us know what is important and delicious for you.

Join the Design Your Delicious Life Newsletter

Join Our Newsletter

Tell us what Delicious is for you with our Survey.

Here is what the first day of Your Delicious Life could look like. See A Day In Your Delicious Life.

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